Kudakalliya Bungalows reside in tranquility among the sand dunes on an isolated beach in the Arugam Bay area. With the river and mangrove islands running alongside the property and panoramic ocean views at its forefront, 2 salubrious rustic chic bungalows cater to families and large groups. Our guests hear the waves crashing, the call of the peacock and may arise each morning and enjoy in absolute privacy, the breathtaking sunrise over the azure Indian Ocean. In close proximity to Arugam Bay’s hip beach strip, Kudakalliya is close enough to surfer’s paradise and walking distance from Crocodile Rock, while just a short drive from cultural landmarks and wilderness areas. Kudakalliya’s guests enjoy gourmet local produce, in relaxed privacy, in as large or small a number as they please, immersing in natural splendor.