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This bungalow is a new addition to our property and was completed at the beginning of 2011. Built with the same ethos in mind, this bungalow by the edge of the river is the epitome of serenity. The dining area is on the ground floor verandah which literally ends by the bank of the river. The mangrove island is directly across the water...you can enjoy your meal whilst watching elephants bathe in the river!

This bungalow has been built ideally as a family cabana, with a room on each floor with en-suite bathrooms. It is also ideal for that romantic getaway! The view from the open-air showers cannot be beaten...

The upper floor bedroom opens up to a very large balcony with spectacular views of the flowing river, estuary, turquoise sea and lime green paddy fields...wake up in the morning to the calls of numerous birds in the mangrove islands and end your day looking at a starry sky with the sounds of crickets and waves lulling you to sleep.